Part of our Lutheran heritage is the belief that all people are called to the work of the gospel, and to live out God’s will in all aspects of their lives. As such, our most important decision making body is the entire congregation, which holds an annual meeting. Our Congregational Council is elected at this meeting and is responsible for overseeing the life and activities of the congregation. Council ensures that worship services reflect the Word of God and the faith and practice of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Council also leads the congregation in living out our mission, performing long-range planning, setting goals and priorities, and evaluating activities for consistency with our mission and goals.

Meet the current members of St. Paul’s Congregational Council:

Officers and Executive Committee

  • Helene Roth – President
  • Jason Baxter- Vice-President
  • David Simmons – Treasurer
  • Chris Geiger- Secretary

Council Members

  • Carol Anderson – Cemetery
  • Waneta Peart – Staff Personnel
  • David Simmons – Treasurer
  • Lynda McNab – Evangelism
  • Bill Wagner – Stewardship
  • Stuart Krissinger – Property
  • Jason Baxter – Finance
  • Helene Roth – Christian Education
  • Belle Miller – Worship & Music
  • Chris Geiger – Technology
  • Amy Badovick – Social Ministry
  • Bill Henderson – Financial Secretary
  • The Rev. Laura Tancredi – Pastor