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August Chimes

Dear Siblings in Christ,

I’ve been reflecting this past month on the brokenness which is all around us – especially in our institutions and in our society.

We see brokenness everywhere we look. White racism is breaking black lives. National leaders are breaking our laws and institutions. Our “closed” economy is breaking the poor. Our fear of each other is breaking our communities. Our denial of reality is breaking our hope for a better world. We see gaping cracks in our political institutions, our social order, our healthcare and educational systems, our food supplies and clean water sources. The brokenness can feel overwhelming and hopeless.

In Japan, they’ve made an art form out of restoring broken things. An ancient practice called kintsugi, meaning “golden joinery” or “to patch with gold” is an age-old custom of repairing cracked pottery with real gold, not only fixing the break but greatly increasing the value of the piece. Though it was once broken, now it not only has history, but a new story.

The foundation of our faith is that God took the brokenness and pain of crucifixion and transformed it into new life through the resurrection. God made something new, something more beautiful in the risen Christ. We can trust God to do this with us AND our broken institutions. From brokenness, new life is possible.

I need that promise to be true because the world feels desperately broken right now. I am feeling broken-hearted by not being together in person to worship. I am feeling brokenhearted by the people dying too early from COVID-19. I am broken-hearted by the ways vulnerable people are made even more vulnerable when our systems fail. I am brokenhearted
(and angry) by the way fear is being used by our politicians to divide people.

So, here is my prayer: I pray that the brokenness of our collective heart allows for a breaking open of a new Spirit among and within us. I pray that our brokenness breaks open a new world that is more just and generous and compassionate. I pray that our brokenness might actually be the opening through which we find our global healing.

Brokenness and new promises. Death and resurrection. Life . . . death . . . and life again.

May it be so…

Blessings on the Journey,

Pastor Kris

August Chimes

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