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February Chimes

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In the past two years that I have been blessed to be your pastor, I have been delighted
to experience God at work in both expected and surprising ways. I could not imagine a
better time to arrive at St. Paul’s than the beginning of the 250th celebration. I was able
not only to learn the history of the congregation, but also to be part of dreaming and
envisioning the future.

I am humbled and overjoyed to have been called once again to serve with all of you in
this place. I want to take a moment to say, “Thank you.” Thank you for being open to a
first-call pastor. Thank you for your willingness to take chances. Thank you for support,
encouragement, and love.

I am most happy to be remaining at St. Paul’s, because it means our ministry together
will continue. Together must be stressed. A pastor does not make a congregation what it
is; rather, a congregation and pastor find their mission and calling together. What makes
St. Paul’s such an exciting place to be doing ministry is each and every one of you.

Your care for one another, for this church, and for the whole world that God has made is
inspiring, and a bright and encouraging sign for our future.

Whenever I set out on a new tack, what has come to be known as the “Holden Prayer”
comes to mind. From Holden Village, an intentional Lutheran community, it reads:
O God, you have called your servants to ventures of which we cannot see the ending,
by paths as yet untrodden, through perils unknown. Give us faith to go out with good
courage, not knowing where we go, but only that your hand is leading us and your love
supporting us; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

At the start of a new journey together, it is important to remember that, although none of
us knows what the future holds, we do know who holds us. May God’s Spirit continue to
blow through St. Paul’s, and lead us into the future together. Amen.

In Christ,
Pastor Laura

February Chimes

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