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February Chimes

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Blessed Epiphany season to you all! Technically—technically—the Feast of the Epiphany lasts but one day, January 6. But there’s no need for us to cut our observation of this festival short. In the weeks following the Epiphany and leading up to Lent, we continue to ponder the mystery of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

That’s what epiphany means, actually. Revelation. The first epiphany, the one celebrated on January 6, was the revelation of Christ to the Gentiles, specifically the Magi. In this season, we can think about the many ways that Christ is revealed. We focus especially on Jesus’ baptism and miracles, signs that show us who he is.

Even in just the Christmas story, though, we can see the many ways that God is revealed to us. The infant Jesus is revealed to Mary and the shepherds through an angelic visitation, to Joseph through a dream, and to the wise men through knowledge and study.

Still today, different people experience God differently. For some, God might be found best in silence and meditation. For others, music is the best way to experience God. Some need to withdraw and be by themselves; others see God revealed in the midst of communities and conversation. To some God speaks through emotions and instincts, to others through study and learning. God desires to be revealed to each us, and so God uses a variety of ways to suit our own needs.

Where do you see epiphanies in your own life? Through whom or what is God revealed to you? In this season after Epiphany, I give thanks for the many ways that God comes into our lives. I give thanks for the many and varied people that God uses for God’s work. We experience God
differently, but we experience the same God. Our differences only better serve us in bringing wholeness to the body of Christ on earth.

In this season, let’s look for the ways that God is being revealed to us and celebrate the beautiful diversity of God’s people and God’s revelation.

In Christ,
Pastor Laura

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