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May Chimes

Dear St. Paul’s Lutheran Family,

As most of you know, Pastor Laura’s due date is less than a month away. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, especially at this time. You will be among the first to know when the little Tancredi-Ness baby arrives, in early to mid-May.

Pastor Laura will be on a 12-week parental leave during which time she will be completely “off duty.” She will have no pastoral responsibilities for St. Paul’s or its members. This is by agreement and design, in order to give her rest, renewal and time with her baby.

During this time, the congregation will continue to be led by the Church Council, with pastoral care provided by Pastor Kris Peterson. As many of you know, Pastor Kris is a member of St. Paul’s. She is an ordained ELCA pastor and has served as an intentional interim in the SEPA Synod. She has agreed to provide part-time pastoral care to our congregation from mid-May through the summer. In addition, she will be leading Sunday worship. We are fortunate that Pastor Kris is available to serve St. Paul’s during this

During Pastor Laura’s leave of absence, Pastor Kris is to be contacted for all pastoral care and emergencies at 610-299-9909 (cell) or 610-789-7387 (home.) She can be reached by email at kris.peterson@stpaulsardmore.org.

In addition, you can reach Church Council President Helene Roth at 610-324-3351 or Helene.roth@verizon.net. And, as usual, Carisa can be contacted at the church office at 610-642-3211 or carisa@stpaulsardmore.org.

On a related note, we know that some of you have inquired about helping out Pastors Laura and Tim by providing meals during their first few sleepless weeks with a newborn. We are currently working on plans on how to best coordinate this effort and will be sending out an email in the near future with details. Obviously, social distancing will have to be a priority in these plans.

Thank you for your prayers and your love.

Helene Roth
Church Council President

May Chimes

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